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We help Internet companies scale engineering capacity and deliver great fintech software by offering complex Gateway solutions.

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Payment Processing with Solid

A payment journey has to be simple. Our clients benefit from a state of the art acquiring solution that offers multiple payment methods in one powerful, reliable, and easy integration. On desktop, mobile, and in-app.

Payment Processing

Create a seamless payment experience for your customers while using leading technology that adapts to any business, industry, platform, or shopper journey.You’ll be up and running quickly, able to add payment methods easily and increase your conversion.


Make sure customers keep coming back time and time again with recurring payment technology built for any business, location, and payment setup. Make it easy for customers to sign up, and reduce missed payments thanks to retry and autonomous update logic.

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Prevent chargebacks tool

Solid is enrolled in VMPI as an authorized third-party facilitator. We cover TOP-20 US issuers and coverage is growing, accounting for 95%+ US online shoppers with Visa cards. We assist merchants on the very first stages of the dispute-resolution process.

Risk Management

Recognize loyal shoppers and reduce fraud by utilizing a data-driven approach and flexible risk management engine. Stop blocking legitimate customers and enhance their shopping experience while precisely identifying and preventing potentially suspicious.

Simple & flexible integration with SolidGate

KYC 6-12 hours
Integration 1-3 days
UAT 12-24 hours
Payment Solutions to Grow your Business

Payment Solutions to Grow your Business

Get higher conversion and save money using our services