All payments are depicted as orders which are considered to be the main entity. Transactions are referred to be as separate operations within an order, i.e, authorization, void, settle, refund. 

State of each transaction and order is represented by type and status, which are described below.

Order Statuses

AuthorizedThe order was successfully authorized
SettledThe order was successfully settled
DeclinedThe order was declined
CreatedThe order was created
ProcessingThe order is in processing
RefundedFunds were returned back to the cardholder
VoidedThe order was voided

Transaction Types

Transaction TypeDescription
SaleOperation of withdrawal amounts
AuthOperation of hold amounts
SettleOperation of settle amounts
RefundOperation for transferring funds back to the cardholder
VoidOperation of cancel hold amounts

Transaction Statuses

Transaction StatusDescription
SuccessTransaction was successfully processed
FailTransaction was refused
VerifyThe transaction is going through 3DS verification
CreatedThe transaction was created
ProcessingThe transaction in processing

Decline Codes

0.01General decline
0.02Order expired
0.03Illegal operation
1.01Authentication failed
2.01Invalid Data
2.02Invalid amount
2.03Invalid Currency
2.05Order not found
2.06Invalid CVV2 code
2.07Request Is empty
2.08Invalid card number
2.09Invalid expiration date
2.10Invalid 3DS flow on the merchant side
2.11Invalid 3DS flow on the bank side
2.12Invalid 3DS flow
2.13Invalid IP
2.14Subscription error
2.15SCA require 3D authentication 
2.16Subscription is locked
3.01Card is blocked
3.02Insufficient funds
3.03Payment amount limit excess
3.04Transaction is declined by issuer
3.05Call your bank
3.06Debit card not supported
3.07Card brand is not supported
3.08Do not honor
4.01Card is in black list
4.02Stolen card
4.03Restricted card
4.04Lost card
4.05Suspected fraud
4.06Blocked by Country/IP
4.07Trusted antifraud system
4.08AVS mismatch
4.09Solid antifraud engine
5.013D secure verification failed
5.02Invalid Card Token
5.03Application error
5.04Merchant is not configured correctly
5.05Merchant is not activated yet
5.06Duplicate order
5.07exceeded API calls limits
5.08Invalid transaction
5.09Merchant not found
5.10Processor does not support requested API method
5.11Invalid routing
6.01Unknown decline code
6.02Connection error
7.01Card token not found
7.02Google payment error
7.05Apple online payment error