Order Status

Webhooks are used to receive information about changes in order status and to get redirect URL for orders with 3D Secured. 

In order to use the function of notifications on order status changes, the merchant shall send filled attribute callback_url of web-resource on its end. 

POST-requests will be sent to this URL in JSON by notifying the current order status.

POST https://your-domain.com/payments/solidgate/callback


   Callback Body Parameters 

order_idstringOrder ID specified in merchant system1234567890
currencystringCurrency amount. 3 letter currency code under ISO-4217USD
amountintegerOrder amount - integer without fractional component (i.e cents). For instance, 1020 means 10 USD and 20 cents. 1020
refunded_amountintegerRefunded amount500
settled_amountintegerSettled amount500
statusstringThe status of the paymentsettled
descriptorstringThe descriptor for the transactionSolidGate
declineobjectObject with the information about the decline  
decline: codestringDecline code4.09
decline: messagestringDecline message for the decline code receivedSolidGate antifraud engine
riskobjectReturns the payment's risk assessment results 
risk: decisionstringDecision by risk rule, that was applied to the orderreject
avs_checkstringAVS check result codeY
cvv_checkstringCVV check result code0
three_dsobjectProvides 3D Secure enrollment status if the payment was downgraded to non-3D Secure 
three_ds: enrolledbooleanIndicates the 3D Secure enrollment status of the issuer
three_ds: authentication_resultstringresult of the 3DS authentication 
three_ds: versionstringIndicates the version of 3D Secure that was used for authentication. Defaults to 1.0.0 if not provided
three_ds: ecistringThe Electronic Commerce Indicator security level associated with the 3D Secure enrollment result. 5
three_ds: xidstringThe 3D Secure transaction identifier. Required if using an external MPI with 3D Secure 2.X.X and a Mastercard card, or with 3D Secure 1.X.X for any supported card scheme
three_ds: cavvstringA Base64 encoded cryptographic identifier (CAVV) used by the card schemes to validate the cardholder authentication result (3D Secure). Required if using an external MPI 
websitestringWebsite from which transaction took place. http://merchant.example
processing_midstringUse the processing MID parameter to route order on the chosen pathb0651d75db2
redirect_urlstringURL of merchant page, which customers will be redirected upon 3DS verification on bank end with the status of operation in URL parameterhttp://merchant.example/redirect
payment_source: typestringThe payment source type. Possible values: card|apple-pay|google-pay|tokencard
payment_source: token_expiration_datestringDate of SolidGate token expiration2020-08-14 08:56:55
payment_source: payment_tokenstringThe SolidGate token for the payment sourcetoken_et62tfldj6upfdvfde2reztkm54i
payment_source: issuerstringThe name of the card issuerGOTHAM STATE BANK
payment_source: binstringThe card issuer's bank identification number (BIN)444455
payment_source: card_brandstringCard brandVISA
payment_source: card_typestringThe card type
Possible values: Credit | Debit | Prepaid | Charge
payment_source: card_exp_monthstringThe expiry month10
payment_source: card_exp_yearstringThe expiry year2025
payment_source: card_holder_namestringCardholder name Bram Fisher
payment_source: masked_card_numberstringThe masked card number

payment_source: issuer_countrystringThe card issuer's countryUSA
payment_source: billing_addressobjectThe billing address of the cardholder 
payment_source: billing_address: line1stringThe first line of the addressSolidGate
payment_source: billing_address: line2stringThe second line of the address90 Tottenham Court Road
payment_source: billing_address: citystringThe address cityNew York
payment_source: billing_address: statestringThe address stateWA
payment_source: billing_address: zipstringThe address zip/postal code10005
payment_source: billing_address: countrystringISO country code of the of the addressUSA

Callback Request Sample

    "order_id": "1597648587705",
    "currency": "USD",
    "amount": 50000,
    "refunded_amount": 0,
    "settled_amount": 0,
    "status": "authorized",
    "descriptor": "FAKE_TWO",
    "website": "website",
    "processing_mid": "12345",
    "subscription_id": "card-subcription-1",
    "risk": {
       "decision": "pass"
    "avs_check": Null,
    "cvv_check": Null,
    "payment_source": {
        "type": "card",
        "payment_token": "token_et62tfldj6upfdvfde2reztkm54i",
        "token_expiration_date": "2022-08-01 00:00:00",
        "issuer": "CITIZENS STATE BANK",
        "bin": 453245,
        "card_brand": "VISA",
        "card_type": "DEBIT",
        "card_exp_month": "03",
        "card_exp_year": "2021",
        "card_holder_name": "kurt cruickshankkk",
        "masked_card_number": "453245XXXXXX2692",
        "issuer_country": "USA",
        "billing_address": {
            "line1": "NALLine1",
            "line2": " adsaLine2",
            "city": "Casdity",
            "state": "MI",
            "zip": "12asd345dd",
            "country": "USA"

For the purpose of distinguishing every SolidGate transaction, we will provide you with a signature that was generated according to the following rules Access to SolidGate API.

Merchant is supposed to send 200 HTTP code in response to callback sent and JSON as follows:

Callback Merchant Response Sample

  "status": "ok"

If the response is different from specified above, a callback will be considered as not delivered and will be re-notification during 24 hours by the next schedule:

  • First re-notification after 15 minutes
  • Second re-notification after 30 minutes
  • Third re-notification after 1 hour
  • Fourth re-notification after 2 hour
  • Fifth re-notification after 4 hour
  • Sixth re-notification after 8 hour
  • Seventh re-notification after 16 hour
  • Ninth re-notification after 24 hour