Antifraud System

Our AntiFraud system is specifically designed to help Businesses detect and prevent fraud.

Antifraud System

Reduce Fraud Without Right Payments Block

Businesses must tread a fine line to protect customer payments. You need to stop highly-recognized frauders, but to avoid blocking real transactions requires a more coordinated effort.

  • Prevention of emerging fraud types
  • Improved fraud detection rate
  • Protection of customers
  • Lower false positives

How to Prevent Fraud in Your Business

There are some fraud prevention practices you can use to process orders securely

3D secure authentication
3D secure authentication methods like Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure code are excellent ways to prevent fraud. This authentication method requires cardholders to enter a secure PIN code during the checkout, in order to confirm their identity.
Transaction limits
We recommend you to give us access to limit the number of large transactions from the same account per period. This step can prevent large transaction frauds from taking place and can help you avoid costly chargebacks.
Risk score model
Our technology learns from processing millions of global payments, assigning risk scores and blocking high-risk payments automatically.

3D Secure Authentication 2.0

Can help you make better risk decisions, create online experiences customers will love and increase conversions.

  • Less quantity of payments are lost through 3DS
  • More ways to authenticate
  • Better user experience
  • More data, less friction
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International Online Payments

International Online Payments

Full visibility into card schemes and costs. No surprise fees.