Apple Pay

Apple Pay
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With Apple Pay you can provide fast checkout experiences to delight your shoppers both online and in-store. Not only will supporting Apple Pay help future-proof your business, but will enable you to provide a seamless, sleek checkout that will set you apart from the competition.

  • Accept debit and credit cards online, in store and in-app
  • Support one-click payments
  • Use 3D Secure Payment for additional fraud protection
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Customer flow for Apple Pay express checkout

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    Customer selects Apple Pay Payment Methods in your WEB site or Mobile App

  • step-img 2

    Customer reviews the order and authenticates the purchase with a fingerprint

  • step-img 3

    Customer redirect to the status page

  • step-img 4

    The merchant sends the Apple Pay token to SolidGate Technologies and the transaction is complete

With a single integration SolidGate enables you to support Apple Pay in-app, in-store, and on the web in the Countries, supported by Apple Pay*. We are a fully certified Apple Partner and support their tokenization standards - so rest assured, your customers' card information is safe.

*full country list you can see here:

International Online Payments

International Online Payments

Full visibility into card schemes and costs. No surprise fees.