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Google Pay
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Using Google Pay is much faster and easier than entering your card data over and over again. That is why millions of people gladly add cards to their Google Accounts. You can let your customers make payments in your app or website using those added cards.

  • You will build a seamless online checkout process for your Web site or Android app
  • A seamless solution in-app, on the web, and in-store
  • Fast & Easy integration
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How the Google payment method works on mobile

  • step-img 1

    Customer adds a payment card to Google Pay account

  • step-img 2

    To finish the purchase just select previously added payment card in Google Pay

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    Customer confirm payment and redirect to the status page

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    Seller will receive payment notification and view payment on the Merchant Admin Panel

With a single integration SolidGate enables you to support Apple Pay in-app, in-store, and on the web in the Countries, supported by Apple Pay*. We are a fully certified Apple Partner and support their tokenization standards - so rest assured, your customers' card information is safe.

*full country list you can see here:

International Online Payments

International Online Payments

Full visibility into card schemes and costs. No surprise fees.